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12 Jun 2022
10 warning signs of a sweet addiction
      Desserts are often something that many people can't live without, but if you love sweets so much that you're addicted to sweets It may make our health worse. What are the symptoms of sweet addiction? What are the warning signs? Let's check together.

  • Can't be without sugar : If you like adding sugar to the point that it's indispensable. Whether it's rice, noodles, tea, coffee, it's one of the signs that we're starting to get addicted to sweets.
  • Likes food and snacks that are mainly composed of flour : You have a feeling of wanting to eat flour food and snacks all the time, even if my stomach is full.
  • Tired all day : Eating too much sugar will cause the body to reject protein foods, causing the body to become tired.
  • Toothache, tooth decay and oral disease : Eating a lot of sugar will cause sugar to accumulate in the mouth and between the teeth.
  • Likes to eat Non-Fat food : Fat-free food will taste sweeter than usual because the manufacturer will bring the sweetness to replace the lost aroma.
  • Good mood after eating dessert : If you feel better after eating dessert. Including eating sweets whenever we are stressed is one of the signs that we may be addicted to sweets.
  • Perceive the taste of sweetness from the original : You have a feeling that the dessert that you used to eat suddenly doesn't taste as sweet as before.
  • The whole house is full of sweets : There are often sweets hidden in the kitchen, dining table, or on the bed.
  • Feeling a headache when not eating sweets in the morning : If you don't eat sweets in the morning and have a headache. That's one of the signs of a sweet addiction.
  • Think slower, forget more : If you eat too much sugar, it will reduce the amount of protein in the brain, which affects the thinking and memory system.

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