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      Our mobile check-up services are offered to employees of both private and public organizations and are performed by a multidisciplinary team of experienced doctors and nurses and medical personnel. Our mobile check-up vehicles feature a digital x-ray machine, advanced medical equipment, and high-quality screening devices that conform to the international standards, ensuring that our mobile checkups are comparable to the health checkups performed at the hospital in terms of quality and accuracy.

      We attach great importance to quality assurance in the provision of health care services, as reflected by our Mobile Checkup Department’s achievement of the Hospital Accreditation (HA) from the Healthcare Accreditation Institute (HAI). Thus, patients or customers can rest assured that our mobile checkups conducted at a company or organization will conform to the standards and deliver accurate results.


      Health Checkup Packages

  • Annual health checkup
  • Pre-employment health checkup
  • General health checkup
  • Heavy metal blood test
  • Cervical cancer screening (Pap test)
  • Drug test
  • Mobile x-ray examination
  • Occupational health examination
  • Social Security annual health checkup
  • Medical clinic
  • RT-PCR COVID-19 test


      Open Monday through Friday from 08.00 - 16.00 hrs.

Contact Information 

      Mobile Checkup Department, 1st Floor, Ratchasima Hospital 

      Telephone : 044 263 777

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COVID-19 Screening (RT-PCR test)

Covid-19 Screening Packages

COVID-19 Screening (RT-PCR test)

Currently, there are more convenient and more accurate methods for detecting COVID-19. RT-PCR or Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction is a swab to collect upper respiratory secretions for analysis in a laboratory (Lab).
2,300 Baht
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Package for Mentor breast augmentation

Plastic Surgery Packages

Package for Mentor breast augmentation

Ratchasima Hospital We have to represent “ Package for breast augmentation”
73,000 Baht
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Health Check-up with Love

Health Check-up Packages

Health Check-up with Love

With increasing age, the body and various systems within the body begin to deteriorate over time. What should be done regularly in addition to maintaining health? That is the annual physical examination. Take care of your loved ones with the Love Health
900 Baht
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