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      We provide out-patient care to individuals of all ages and genders while offering a one-stop service and bringing convenience to the general public through our strong health management systems and services. The health care services offered by the Out-patient Department cover an array of medical specialties, including general medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, and other fields ranging from common illnesses to acute and chronic conditions. In an effort to maintain our quality of health care, medicines and medical devices are employed in the diagnosis and prevention of diseases, as well as health promotion. The Out-patient Department has also prepared medical specialists in various fields to treat patients who require specialized treatment after preliminary diagnosis, ensuring that patients receive accurate diagnosis and safe treatment in accordance with health service standards.

      Additional services include pre-employment health checkups, pre-policy health checkups, and annual health checkups for individuals and employees of a company or organization, as well as health advice, vaccination, and health promotion services.

      Ratchasima Hospital has implemented a systematic approach to the management of outpatient services to deliver all of our services in a reliable and timely manner. We aim to facilitate patients in exercising their rights to health care benefits covered by the National Health Security scheme, health insurance policy, accident insurance policy, and life insurance policy by collaborating with multiple insurance companies that offer benefits and coverage for both Thais and foreigners. 


      Open daily from 08.00 - 20.00 hrs.

Contact Information 

      Out-patient Department, 1st Floor, Ratchasima Hospital  

      Telephone : 044 263 777

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Anuchit Niyompattama, Md.

Niyompattama, Md.

Out-patient Department

Gun Rojanakit, Md.

Rojanakit, Md.

Out-patient Department

Jakapong Chitcharoentham, Md.

Chitcharoentham, Md.

Out-patient Department

Jirat Teerapradith, Md.

Teerapradith, Md.

Out-patient Department

Jithayuth Sueajui, Md.

Sueajui, Md.

Out-patient Department

Jumpotpong Wongaek, Md.

Wongaek, Md.

Out-patient Department

Kanin Sadudeemeechai, Md.

Sadudeemeechai, Md.

Out-patient Department

Kasama Muangyot, Md.

Muangyot, Md.

Out-patient Department

Kittiwara Sri-Ubon, Md.

Sri-Ubon, Md.

Out-patient Department

Kunsuek Kawsamlee, Md.

Kawsamlee, Md.

Out-patient Department

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Beauty Packages

Beautiful Promotion

Make you more beautiful…more than ever
3,999 Baht
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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Packages

Breast augmentation promotion

Beautiful breasts, safe, confident in every dress
73,000 Baht
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Total Mastectomy for Transman

Plastic Surgery Packages

Total Mastectomy for Transman

Total Mastectomy for Transman. Smooth wounds, Naturally and Build confidence
75,000 Baht
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