The behaviors may be breaking your teeth without your realizing

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05 Aug 2022

5 checks! The behaviors may be breaking your teeth without your realizing.
      If you need a sweet smile. but you don’t stop these behaviors. That can be break down your teeth Do you know about problems with your teeth,that can be affected by harder eating, making frustration and unconfidence in your smile.

      Today, we have five checkpoints for your behavior that may break down your teeth.

  • Brushing your teeth too harder.
    Brushing your teeth is too hard. That doesn't mean you can make your teeth’s cleaner. That affected to your gums had inflammation. Because the gums are sensitive parts that are easily bruised. Which will have long-term consequences, causing the gums to shorten, swaying teeth and eventually losing their teeth.
    *It is better to resort to a standardized toothbrush. Bristles are not too hard and are chosen according to the size of the oral cavity

  • Using your teeth for open a can or container.
     Teeth are responsible for chewing foods. But you are using your teeth that the wrong way, such as opening a candy packet, a plastic envelope, or opening the bottle cap. Unpacking containers or products. Which is why your teeth break, crack, chip or deform.

  • Chewing a thick ice cube.
     Eating ice with a large size and hard, that can cause deterioration of tooth health, such as cracking, cracking or chipping teeth, etc.

  • Eating Spicy or Sour Foods.
     Eating foods or drinks with a strong sour taste. such as lemon juice, often has a very acidic effect, the major has damaged the surface of the enamel. The result is your teeth corroding.
    *After eating a very sour food, rinse immediately with clean water to reduce oral acid.


  • Taking some snack and soft drink everyday.
    Some sweets, such as crispy chips, candy, that all contain with starch and sugar. When these foods get stuck in the nooks and crannies for a long time. They become bacteria, Which is why the causing your teeth is decay. Such as a soft drinks contain carbonic acid, which is an acid that makes soft drinks foamy and can damage the surface of teeth enamel, causing teeth decay and osteoporosi.

      For your dental hygiene. Please get more informations with dental service. In addition,those who had social security eligible persons can receive services without reservation in the limit of 900 baht/year. Ratchasima Hospital is always happy to serve everyone.

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