5 foods to avoid if you have hepatitis

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28 Jul 2022
5 foods to avoid if you have hepatitis.
      If you have hepatitis that important to focus more carefully on your dietary choices. Eating inappropriate foods is harmful to your liver.  If you want to battle with hepatitis and get more healthy. This is the type of food and drinks that Hepatitis patients should be avoiding.
  • Alochol
    It’s always on the blacklist. Because, Alcohol is the poison and disrupts to absorption of certain nutrients. Also, you should avoid drinking beer, wine or champagne, as well as all the same types.
  • Foods with high sodium
    If your liver has been damaged. You can't dispose of sodium effectively. In addition, if you get high amounts of sodium that may increase your blood pressure levels, which can result in fatty liver disease.
  • Saturated fats
    Eating foods with excessive fat content. as well as saturated fats. It's causing an increase the risk of obesity and fatty liver.
  • Limit Protein taking
    Liver damage causes impaired liver function, resulting in ammonia from digesting proteins accumulating in the body, causing poison that severely affects brain function.
  • Sweet Foods
    A very sweet food is contains refined carbohydrates. It can cause high levels of glucose in the blood rapidly. If you have sweet foods too much, that leads to Diabetes and increases your risk of developing liver disease or reduces your liver function.
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