The secrets of how to control weight in elder person

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25 Jul 2022
The secrets of how to control weight in elder person.
      When you become older, it also leads to weight gain, which negatively affects health. Because, it can lead to diseases and affect their lifestyle changes, such as diabetes, high cholesterol and rheumatic bone diseases. Therefore, The controlling their weight within the right limits. It’s important for children and grandchildren to have special attention. But, it will be difficult for the elderly to lose weight by dieting or exercising hard, kind of like children and adolescents. The body and situation were changing. Therefore, The weight loss in the elderly should be carefully and receive all the nutrients together.
  • Eat on time, Decreasing of the amount at dinner.
  • Choosing The 5 groups nutritions of diners.
  • Avoiding fatty foods. such as fatty meats, sweets, milk and butter.
  • Choosing to eat low-energy foods by boiling, steaming and stewing.
  • Drinking 1-2 glasses of water before eating and drinking 1-2 glasses before your full  that will help you eat less and be full faster.
  • Exercise with slow walking for 20 -30 minutes at a time.
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