5 symptoms of illness from driving for a long time

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29 Sep 2023

5 symptoms of illness from driving for a long time

      During this year-end holiday season, many people plan to travel for relaxation during the long holidays or celebrate the New Year with their families. However, spending a long time on the road, driving for extended periods, not only wastes time and causes stress but also has negative effects on health. Today, we have 5 common health issues that can arise from sitting in a car for long hours during the holidays.

  1. Body Aches and Fatigue : Sitting in the same position for several hours without much movement can lead to easy body aches and fatigue.
    • Prevention :You can manage fatigue from sitting in a car for extended periods by adjusting the seat to your comfort, stretching your legs and muscles, and massaging your muscles while stuck in traffic.
  2. Neck Muscle Inflammation : Inflammation of the neck muscles can cause pain and stiffness in the neck, often occurring in individuals who have to sit for long periods.
    • Prevention : Taking breaks to stretch and relax your neck muscles during the journey can help.
  3. Motion Sickness : Motion sickness can occur regardless of whether the journey is short or long.
    • Prevention : Taking motion sickness medication 30 minutes before the trip can help, or if you're a passenger, sitting in the front seat or keeping the window open for fresh air can reduce the risk.
  4. Stress : The stress of being on the road during the holiday season, dealing with heavy traffic, and the mental fatigue of staying alert while driving can lead to increased stress levels.
    • Prevention : Taking adequate breaks and being prepared with essential supplies and medications in case of emergencies can help reduce stress during the journey.
  5. Urinary Tract Infections : Holding in urine for extended periods can increase the risk of urinary tract infections. In situations where traffic is congested, and gas stations are full, many people choose to delay using the restroom until they reach their final destination.
    • Prevention: If you experience discomfort while holding in urine, it's essential to stop and use the restroom when available to prevent urinary tract infections.

      The most important thing to reduce these health problems is to cultivate good driving habits for long-distance travel. This includes taking regular breaks to rest and stretch, planning your journey with rest stops in mind, and maintaining good posture while driving.


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