Is It Dangerous to Pull 'loose teeth' Yourself?

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26 Sep 2023

Is It Dangerous to Pull 'loose teeth' Yourself?

      Parents who are concerned about children's loose teeth, some of whom may have experienced deciduous teeth falling out on their own, teeth loosening and being able to pull them out with their hands, or seeing people using string to pull teeth on their own, may wonder if pulling teeth by themselves is possible. In reality, it is not recommended to pull teeth on your own. Today, we want to address the dangers of pulling out 'baby teeth' by yourself.

  • Risk of Tooth Infection : Pulling teeth on your own using your hands or other non-dental tools can make teeth vulnerable to infection.
  • Unclean Oral and Dental Health : If you pull teeth on your own, there is a chance that the entire tooth may not come out, and remnants of the tooth may remain, which can be challenging to clean and may become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Tooth Misalignment : When teeth are pulled by a dentist, they assess the gap created when the tooth is removed and may recommend placing a prosthetic tooth to prevent misalignment.
  • Danger from Tooth Roots Stuck in Gums : When a dentist extracts a tooth, they remove both the tooth and the root, including any pus at the root.
  • Unstoppable Bleeding : Uncontrolled bleeding can be extremely dangerous, as pulling a tooth by yourself may result in continuous bleeding and pose a life-threatening risk.     

      If you have already pulled a tooth on your own, it is advisable to see a dentist promptly to check for any remaining tooth fragments or roots stuck in the gums. Additionally, a thorough examination of oral and dental health is essential to prevent potential complications and problems that may arise in the future.


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