Why do you need a health check before going to work?

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17 Jun 2022
Why do you need a health check before going to work?
      Nowadays, pre-employment health check-up is necessary for many companies to reinforce the company's confidence that the employees who come to work are ready and healthy for work. Today we will introduce the benefits of a health check-up before entering the event.
  • Company : To reinforce the company's confidence that our health is healthy and ready for work. Including the safety of people in the organization who must work with us to ensure that we do not have chronic diseases that need to be treated and that reduce work efficiency or diseases that can be easily transmitted, such as tuberculosis, which can be transmitted through by air. This may affect the health of other colleagues.
  • Personnel : For personnel who rarely go to health checks. Health check-up before starting work will allow us to know about our own health. Because sometimes on the outside that looks normal, there may be illnesses or are prone to various diseases inside.
      Pre-employment health checks are not enforced by law except for pre-employment health checks. The duty is at risk>Follow Our Social Network
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