How do you help when someone is choking?

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16 Jun 2022
How do you help when someone is choking?
    Choking on food, unforeseen events that could take your life without proper first aid, choking on food caused by the presence of a foreign object obstructing the airway In general, the body's automatic reaction is to cough the obstruction on its own. But in some cases it is severe causing suffocation, loss of consciousness and sudden cardiac arrest.
      Today I will bring everyone to learn. to be prepared when in the event How do 'people choking' need help !?
  • Step 1 Basic method : If the choking person is found to be unable to help himself or is unconscious. Hurry up to stand on the back, try to lean and support the choking male by using the other hand to slap the back between the two shoulder blades. Let the food stick out.
  • Step 2 If still not recovered or not better, do this method !! : A handful in a hug from behind by using the ridge of the hand on the wrist part. Do not use your fist or palm to slap. Do this while holding the clenched fist in your other hand 5 times, or until the stuck food comes out.
However ,if the symptoms do not improve, they should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

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