What's the cause of your belly?

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15 Mar 2023

What's the cause of your belly?

      Belly is caused by the accumulation of fat that keeps increasing, which is the main factor from eating in everyday life. In fact, it may be caused by something other than eating, it is possible that each type of belly is caused by different reasons. Let's see what your belly looks like? caused by what?ENG2.png

  •  Alcohol Belly : A round belly that protrudes clearly because it has a lot of fat. Cause  Drink alcohol regularly which has high sugar and calories. As a result, the digestive system is unable to work fully. ENG3.png
  • Stressed Belly : It has a layered belly, swollen abdomen and protrudes between the navel and diaphragm.The cause  Caused by stress and insufficient rest, causing the body's metabolism to work abnormally and producing fat in the abdominal area. This includes not eating at the right time and eating too much junk food.ENG4.png
  • Hormonal Belly : will have a lower belly that hangs but the upper belly is normal Cause  It's caused by eating too much sweet, high sugar foods and starchy foods. It can also happen to people who have to sit at work for a long time and do not exercise.ENG5.png
  • Mommy Belly : There will be a hanging belly and a protruding belly.Cause After giving birth, the uterus hasn't returned to normal.ENG1.png

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