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22 Mar 2023

Tip! penis health care  

       If talking about one of the most important organs, all men will definitely think of their own penis. In addition to being used for urination, it is also used for sexual activity and reproduction. Today we have tips for taking care of your penis health for everyone.

  •      You shouldn't wash your penis often. The proper washing is washing 1-2 times a day using room temperature water. But there should be a proper balance between acid and base.
  • After urinating, you should not wash or spray with water every time because it can cause irritation and dampness.
  •  Shouldn't wear pants that are too tight because it will cause moisture and friction to the point of scratching.
  •  You should not hold your urine frequently until it causes the accumulation of bad bacteria.
  •  Do not inject or apply substances that lack safety certification because they can inflame and rot the penis. 
  •  In case the penis smells unclean or piles up can choose to use a specific cleaning solution
  • Wear underwear that is a cotton product so that the air can ventilate, not hot or humid.
  • If you have sex, you should be protected every time by wearing a condom to prevent disease.
  • Using a nourishing cream or lubricant that helps not hurt when having sex

      Just apply these tips. It will make everyone's penis healthy. If you have problems with your penis, you should see a doctor. Because it can be treated directly, the side effects are less and the results are better than self-treatment.


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