Is the vaccine really necessary for Pregnant mothers ?

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01 Oct 2021

Is the vaccine really necessary for Pregnant mothers ?

  • Rubella vaccine Mothers preparing to become pregnant recommend rubella vaccination 3 months before pregnancy, but if pregnant, should not be vaccinated. because it may affect the unborn baby.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine Expectant mothers should be screened for hepatitis and should be injected before 6 months of pregnancy.
  • Influenza vaccine If it is during pregnancy and has complications such as pneumonia, pericarditis Vaccination can be prevented at all stages of pregnancy. Normally, the general public can be injected once a year, especially in the elderly, children and pregnant women. It is recommended to inject.
  • Whooping cough vaccine Whooping cough is a respiratory infection. If your baby develops whooping cough within the first 3 months, there is a risk of death. who can be vaccinated against whooping cough during pregnancy flu.

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