9 truths about "Correct sex”


01 Oct 2021

9 truths about "Correct sex”

      All living things arise, grow, live, and decay over time. Reproduction is a natural mechanism for the creation of new generations of organisms. came up as a replacement to maintain the species persist when man grows Until the time when the hormones fluctuate into adolescence or young adulthood. Sex is a story that everyone gets to know from different perspectives. Many beliefs Many experiences have been mixed, some from the words "he said" or "she said" as a way of answering popular questions about sex and pregnancy. Therefore, we have gathered 9 useful information for you as follows:


      1. Is it true that women don't get pregnant the first time they have sex?
      Fact : There is always a chance a woman gets pregnant. Whether it's first sex or how many times.


      2. Is it true that women won't get pregnant? If a man ejaculate outside? 
      Fact : While the penis is erect, it produces fluid. which contains many sperm that can make a woman pregnant Therefore, having men ejaculate outside at climax is a way to increase the risk of getting pregnant. Because sperm may have escaped from the start of insertion.


      3. Is it true that women won't get pregnant? If I have sex while menstruating?

      Fact : If you have sex during your period, you can get pregnant. especially those who have irregular or irregular menstrual cycles every month Because after intercourse, sperm can stay in a woman's body for up to 3 days. If some women ovulate during this period, they can increase their chances of conceiving. In addition, having sex during menstruation increases your risk of contracting STIs. or uterine inflammation


      4. Is it true that women won't get pregnant? If not the climax?

      Fact : When a woman is sexually aroused The body will change, such as a low cervix to receive men's semen. Whether or not a woman has reached an orgasm have a chance to become pregnant A woman's mood during sex does not prevent pregnancy. Because whether or not it reaches its climax Sperm can also travel to the egg.


      5. Is it true embarrassing sex? Should not tell parents, guardians, so consulting friends is the best way?

      Fact : Parents are people we should consult with. Ask for advice on sex as much as possible. because they have more experience than peers of the same age who may have wrong and wrong knowledge.


      6. Is it true that you forgot to take your birth control pill for> 

      Fact : Using the right contraceptive pill is to eat on time every day in order to have a consistent level of drug in the blood but if you forget to take your medicine to eat as soon as you remember It should not be later than 12 hours from the time you normally eat.


      7. Is it true if using soft drinks to clean after sex makes me not pregnant?

      Fact : Using sparkling water to cleanse after sex It does not help prevent pregnancy because the sugar, water, and caffeine in soft drinks have no effect on sperm damage.


      8. Is it true that if counting before 7 after 7, it's definitely safe?

      Fact : Many people misunderstand how to count the safe period. “before 7” means 7 days before your period, and “after 7” is the first day of your period. is between days 1-7, safe period “after 7” is during days 7-13


      9. Is it true that spermicide can be used safely?

      Fact : Spermicide is inserted into the vagina 15 minutes before intercourse. And after sex, do not douche for a period of 6-8 hours because it will dissolve the spermicide.


      When young humans begin their reproductive years there are often emotional changes. Increased feelings and interest in the opposite sex. This is to prevent unprepared pregnancy and reduce the chances of STDs. Therefore, encourage everyone to know the correct and safe protection  for good sexual health.


      Source : Book, What You Need to Know what he must know

      By : Thai Health Learning Center

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