How are you sure it's “Allergic to drugs” ?

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01 Oct 2021

How are you sure it's “Allergic to drugs” ?

      “Are you allergic to any drugs”It is a question that is always heard when receiving services from public health personnel. whether a doctor nurse or pharmacist The most popular answer to this question is penicillin allergy, sulfa allergy.

      But often when asked about allergies and symptoms. Many people often respond to diarrhea, drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, and most of these symptoms are not allergic reactions. This article aims to explain the true meaning of the term "allergy" and what to do when allergic reactions occur.

      “Drug allergy” is a disorder of the body towards the drug used. Whether by eating, injecting, applying, instilling, inhaling, this disorder does not happen to everyone. But it happens in some people whose immune system is more sensitive than normal. Similar to those who are allergic to shrimp, crab, nuts, pollen, which is something that people are equally allergic to. Only some people will lose. An allergic reaction to food or pollen is similar to a drug allergy. Skin rash, swollen mouth, swollen eyes, bronchospasm, suffocation, chest tightness due to both these and medications. All of them are things that stimulate the body's immune system to work more quickly than normal as well. Therefore, drug allergy can be regarded as a unique misfortune. Not every drug has the same allergy symptoms.


      It is different from “drug side effects”, which means that the non-therapeutic effect of the drug must occur for everyone who receives it. But it will occur more or less, depending on the perception of each person, such as antihistamines, reduce nasal corfen. (chlorpheniramine) causes a side effect is drowsiness. This will happen to anyone who takes nasal decongestants. But some people are so sleepy that they can't drive or work. Some people may be a little sleepy. but still able to drive and work normally The reason why doctors and pharmacists Want to differentiate whether an adverse drug effect is a “drug allergy” or not, as there are different ways to treat drug allergy and drug adverse reactions as follows:

      1. In the case of "drug allergy", the doctor will focus on treating drug allergies. along with finding the drug that is the cause of the allergic reaction which need to be avoided and prevent recurrence of drug allergy The allergic person should remember the name of the allergic drug. (Do not remember only the name of the drug group or drug characteristics, such as painkillers, red and black capsules) to inform all providers and each time you go for service. As well as should carry a drug allergy card. Always carry a prescription (issued by a pharmacist who evaluates the drug that is the cause of allergy) with you. to prevent recurrence of the drug This is because the allergic reaction will always be recurring when the drug is given again. Even if only a small amount is received Allergic reactions to the aforementioned drugs, such as red skin rash, swollen mouth, swollen eyes, are considered a mild allergic reaction. In some people, a severe allergic reaction may occur after even the first dose of an allergic drug, such as a blistering rash. peeling skin Your blood pressure is so low that you lose consciousness.

      2. In the case of “drug side effects”, your doctor will assess the severity of the side effects. to see how much further medication is needed Any advice or ways to help reduce the side effects that occur? may change from eating in the morning to before bedtime Drugs that cause extreme nausea May switch from eating on an empty stomach to eating with food This is because some medications are highly needed and there may not be another that can be a suitable substitute. Discontinuation of the drug may be mistaken for a drug allergy. It will lose the opportunity to get the best and most suitable medicine.


      As mentioned above Drug allergy, although unpredictable. But a proper understanding of this allergy will help prevent a recurrence of intolerance. This is something that can be prevented from the cooperation and care of everyone.

      Note : Allergy symptoms and side effects of the drugs exemplified in the article. It's just a common symptom. may experience other symptoms In addition to the example given.

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