Tips for "drinking water" for good kidney health

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19 Sep 2023

Tips for "drinking water" for good kidney health

      Water is essential for life because it is a vital component of the body, helping maintain balance and eliminate waste through urine. Water helps dilute toxins in the kidneys, and having efficient urination doesn't mean your kidneys are working harder. Instead, it signifies efficient waste elimination. Today, we have tips on "how to drink water" to keep your kidneys healthy.

  • Drink at least 8 glasses a day: However, everyone's water needs vary depending on age, physical activity, weather conditions, illness, and fluid loss. You can observe signs of dehydration, which indicate that your body needs more water.
  • Observe your water needs based on urine color: Dark yellow urine indicates dehydration, while lighter urine may suggest sufficient hydration. However, keep in mind that certain medications can affect urine color.
  • Beware of conditions that may result from excessive water intake: In some cases, individuals with mental health issues may drink excessive amounts of water over extended periods. Marathon runners, for instance, may require extra fluid intake but should also be cautious of developing "water intoxication" due to diluted sodium levels in the body.
  • Limiting water intake may be necessary in some cases: Patients with chronic kidney disease or heart-related conditions may experience swelling or easy fatigue due to fluid and sodium retention. Therefore, excessive water intake may not always be beneficial.

      Each person's water intake is unique and should be adjusted to the situation. Prioritize regular water intake to maintain a balanced life. In cases where using the restroom may be inconvenient while traveling, holding in urine can lead to bladder inflammation. Therefore, in certain situations, it's acceptable to adjust water intake.


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