Is circumcision necessary for every man?

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12 Sep 2023

Is circumcision necessary for every man?     

      Circumcision and Uncircumcision: What's the Difference? Which One Is Better? This is a question that many men have wondered about. Even though circumcision is a well-known procedure among men, there is still a lack of deep understanding for many. Today, we present the benefits of "circumcision" for the male genitalia to everyone.ENG2.png

  • Boosts Confidence for Men: To promote a good and clean appearance, circumcision increases self-confidence in men.
  • Enhances Sexual Satisfaction: It increases sensations and pleasure during sexual intercourse, helping men become more aware of their feelings. It also reduces discomfort during sexual activity.
  • Improves Genital Hygiene: It makes genital hygiene easier and helps prevent problems like foreskin inflammation. Urination also becomes easier, preventing issues related to tight foreskin.
  • Reduces Disease Accumulation: Circumcision helps reduce the accumulation of disease-causing organisms and bacteria. It decreases the risk of urinary tract infections and foreskin-related inflammatio

       Is Circumcision Necessary for All Men? Not everyone needs to be circumcised. As long as you can retract the foreskin for proper cleaning without discomfort, it's not a problem. However, if you're experiencing difficulties in retracting the foreskin, leading to the accumulation of diseases and potential issues, circumcision might be considered. Conditions like tight foreskin, foreskin rupture, and foreskin inflammation can arise from not addressing this. In such cases, avoiding circumcision becomes a health concern in the long term.


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