The abdomen is full of feces! What signs are present?

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21 Oct 2022

The abdomen is full of feces! What signs are present?
      When the intestines get blocked. The body cannot expel the accumulated feces, which eventually become dry, hard, and packed at the end of the intestine. This condition is known as intestinal obstruction. This causes persistent, long-lasting constipation.
      The body normally eliminates waste on its own, however in certain people, excretion issues can cause intestinal blockage of the stool.
What causes fecal obstruction caused

  • Lower your intake of fruits and vegetables and water
  • Constipation and frequent fecal feces
  • Not exercise
  • Have a history of abdominal surgery, taking certain medications that cause constipation

What are the symptoms

  • Constipation, repeated transfusions, and the requirement to urinate after each dose
  • Bloating, uncomfortable stomach Jabruth arse when shooting
  • The transfusions are bloody, as the stool is very hard and can smother the walls of the root arse until it becomes a wound
  • The feces is a little lump and seems to be only slightly defecated
  • Abdominal pain, squeezing, friction when moving the body
  • Nausea and vomiting

       Constipation can occur at any age. If it’s not untreated, the danger of intestinal blockage of the stool increases. If you experience discomfort when using a laxative, get immediate medical assistance. If you experience several symptoms, surgery could be necessary.

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