Chest pads are more dangerous than you think

Health News

25 Oct 2022

  Chest pads are more dangerous than you think!
      It has become typical among
Trans man who frequently buy chest straps that are widely available Chest tights or chest straps The echos of individuals who employ chest strangulation remarked that it was irritating in addition to the benefits of boosting confidence. It is painful and difficult to breathe because of this. It is more in keeping with the impending risks. Discomfort from breathing because the fabric that tightens the chest too tightly will negatively affect the muscles. If used for a long period of several days in a row, it can be severe, even to the point of muscle inflammation. If breasts are used against people of childbearing age. There is a risk of damaging stem cells of milk production, and if they are destroyed in large numbers, they may cause abnormal size of the breasts or distorted breasts.
      Once we know the dangers, we're already looking forward to having such a chest. Handsome girls who are about to turn to breastband or are using it should be avoided because it unknowingly indirectly damages their health.

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