Information about "Psoriasis"

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28 Oct 2022

Information about "Psoriasis"
      A sort of persistent, The non-communicable skin condition is psoriasis. Redness is one of psoriasis's features. The patient may feel bleeding in the thrombosis, if it is abundant. The skin develops silvery scales that migrate to the nails or the joints might become inflamed throughout. It commonly occurs on the head, face, back, hands, feet, elbows, and knees. The sickness has enduring symptoms. not healed. It affects people of various ages, including both kids and adults.

Causes of psoriasis

      Although the exact etiology of psoriasis is unknown, it is believed that a variety of common causes, such as genetics or abnormal immunity are to blame. Skin cells often regenerate to replace dead ones that surface as scurf. However, In cases of psoriasis, the aging skin cells go out of schedule for the development of new cells because skin cells divide more quickly than usual. Such places see an increase in skin thickness that eventually turns into a thick, scaly rash.
The factors for psoriasis

  • Drug abuse, Patients must thus refrain from purchasing medications to consume on their own
  • Infection signs, unpacking, and itching causes abrasions by pressing on the skin
  • Alterations in hormone levels
  • The patient's mental health and stress
  • Smoking, using alcohol, or taking sports too seriously
  • Considering the sun temperature extremes

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