Plants That Purify The Air In Your House

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16 Sep 2022
8 plants that purify the air in your house and give better health
      Stuffy weather, wind slack, when combined with today’s changing weather and higher PM 2.5 dust levels, it can affect our health. PM 2.5 dust is a dangerous allergen that affects the respiratory system and lungs, but we still have a ""hero"" to help; #air purification plants absorb toxins, help purify the air and act as a shield to protect everyone in the house and let them breathe with good air quality. Purify the air in your home for you and your family with 8 types of air purifying plants.
  • Indian Rubber Plant from a large perennial plant that is popularly planted as a potted plant, the glossy, leathery, dark green foliage contrasted with the seductive red stalks calms and balances the mind. More Importantly, it absorbs carbon dioxide and transforms into fresh air wonderfully.
  • Spider Plant light yellow and green stripes enhance the festive atmosphere. Its coolness isn't just that the name evokes a feeling of auspicious wealth, but it also has the ability to help remove formaldehyde and reduce the cause of cancer from the air as well.
  • SnakePlant emerald green with elongated leaves gives a feeling of sharpness and discretion. It can be grown in pots of all sizes, is easy to maintain and durable, as well as can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen gas to purify nearby air in the evening.
  • Devil'sIvy an easy-to-care-for water plant. Its green leaves mixed with light yellow and blotched in the shape of a heart give a reminiscence of gentleness. More Importantly, it is rich in the ability to absorb toxic substances such as ammonia mixed in the air.
  • Peace Lily an auspicious plant with lush foliage that makes you feel relaxed at first sight. With its large leaves, Deli has a unique ability to absorb carbon dioxide and toxins that infiltrate home appliances.
  • Homalomena Rubescens The bright green leaves in the shape of a heart contrast with the red stems that stand out as the moon charm. It has an excellent ability to purify the air and eliminate dust as well as absorb such substances as ammonia.
  • ParlourPalm its straight trunk exudes tightness while its swaying leaves exude gentleness. They are often planted together because they grow slowly. In addition to serving to add greenery, they also increase the leaf area to create fresh oxygen in the house.
  • Aloe Vera a beautiful and uniquely shaped ornamental plant that you should have in the house. With its panacea properties and benefits in skin care, it is the plant that purifies the air in the house, helps absorb toxins that are harmful to the skin and emits oxygen at night.

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