4 Stages of "Trigger Finger" of working people

Health News

12 Sep 2022


      A trigger finger is a subtle hazard that can affect people of all ages, particularly those who work in an office, because this group of people must spend a significant amount of time using their fingers to type>This group of persons is at risk of developing trigger finger illness. The symptoms begin with pain at the finger's base and a stuttering sensation when moving, bending, or stretching the finger. If you have these symptoms, you should immediately see your doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Triggerfingesymptoms are divided into four stages.

  • Stage 1 discomfort is felt around the base of the finger
  • Stage 2 shows twitching while clenching or stretching fingers but can still stretch fingers on their own
  • Stage 3: The hand is locked and unable to stretch the finger on its own; the other hand must assist the locked hand
  • Stage 4: Unable to clench your fists and possibly have a malformed knuckle joint

Most people will not become chronic if they are not treated. If this occurs, you can continue to move your finger because it usually heals on its own. If the condition of the trigger finger is severe and the symptoms are not treated until the joints get stiff, this can lead to a chronic problem.

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