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19 Sep 2022
How to Avoid Being Deceived When Choosing a Surgery ClinicEng.png
No one can deny that doing good #surgery can open doors for them both socially and mentally. However, instead of beautifying the customer, procedures performed in some services or surgery clinics frequently might cause damage, resulting in the loss of natural attractiveness, lost time, and a lot of money. The worst-case scenario may be death. Today we'll look at six factors before deciding on a surgery location.
  • Have a business license The business license demonstrates that the clinic meets the Ministry of Public Health's safety guidelines for patients undergoing surgery there.
  • The surgeon must have a professional license. A medical certificate from the Medical Professional Council, also known as the "Medical Council," is required for the surgeon. All surgeons who undertake procedures must go through an assessment of their knowledge of basic medical science.
  • Check the brand or material used in the surgery. Before any procedure involving the implantation of implants into the body, it is important to confirm that the material's brand complies with regulations and has been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Reasonable price. Every product has a standard price; regardless of how many units are acquired, the product's price, provided the true quality, will almost definitely not be reduced by more than half.
  • See a doctor before undergoing surgery. Patients who have surgery must initially consult with the surgeon who will do it to explain the procedure's purpose, position, and intended shape and clarify any ambiguities.
  • Doctors must have expertise. According to the organ on which they wish to do surgery, service receivers should select a surgeon with experience and expertise in that particular field because each surgeon has a unique area of specialization for each surgical position.

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