Moderna Alternative Vaccine


29 Sep 2021

Moderna alternative vaccination booking details :

  1. Can be injected from the age of 12 years and people with underlying diseases or taking medications and have concerns should consult a doctor.
  2. For those who have never been vaccinated with any type of coronavirus before.
  • Two injections, 4 weeks apart.

Allocating vaccines :

      Because the hospital is not a direct supplier of vaccines. Therefore, it may occur that the number of vaccines received is insufficient to meet the number of pre-orders. The hospital reserves the right to allocate vaccines. Only pay the full deposit first.

Refund :

  1. In the event that the reserved vaccine is not allocated You can choose to do the following.
  • Request a refund according to the amount paid The hospital will issue a refund to those who are not allocated within 15 days after the allocation result has been received and the remittance details have been received from the booker.
  • Request to wait for vaccination in the next lot.
In the event that you have made a reservation and paid the deposit But you notify cancellation or not want to vaccinate for whatever reason (That is not reason number 1), the hospital reserves the right to refund in all cases.

      However, you can transfer the vaccination rights to others by notifying the hospital at least 7 days in advance of receiving the scheduled vaccination. By forbidden to seek commercial benefits is strictly prohibited.

Appointment for vaccinations :

      After receiving the list of allocated persons The hospital will inform the recipient of the time period and set the date. Vaccination appointment times in the online system can change the date. Schedule your vaccination appointment at least 3 days before your scheduled vaccination appointment. If the allocated recipient fails to show up at the scheduled time for vaccination and does not contact the hospital within 7 days, the hospital reserves the right to forfeit all deposits.


Moderna Alternative Vaccine Booking Deposit :

  • The price of the alternative vaccine Moderna is 1,700 baht / 1 dose.
  • Reservations for the Moderna Alternative Vaccine are required to pay the deposit in full.
  • Once the vaccination booking deposit has been paid The booking person must provide transfer information along with proof of transfer within 24 hours from the booking date.
  • The vaccine is expected to be imported to Thailand from January 2022 - June 2022.

Other condition :

  1. This price includes vaccinations. Medical equipment and hospital service fees on the day of vaccination only.
  2. The above fees do not include medical certificate fees and other service fees that are not related to vaccination services such as health check-ups or seeing a doctor treating other illnesses.
  3. The hospital reserves the right to change the terms, conditions of service and prices without prior notice.

      Information as of September 10, 2021

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