How to take care of yourself when you have “high blood pressure"

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10 Jan 2023

How to take care of yourself when you have “high blood pressure"

      High blood pressure is one of the chronic non-communicable diseases. They must need attention. Because, It’s causing complications that is harmful to health, such as heart disease Stroke and end-stage kidney failure. Today, we have a way to take care of ourselves. When you suffer from high blood pressure that share to everyone.

  • Food, If you have eating meat, it should be lean meat, amount good of fruits and vegetables. Because, many fruits have a sweet taste. If you choose to eat milk that it should be low-fat milk.
  • Exercise. It's best to option for aerobic or continuous exercise. The optimal level of exercise is light to moderate. You should avoid strenuous or overdosing exercise. 
  • Smoking and alcohol. You should refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol, as both cigarettes and liquor negatively affect health and blood pressure levels.
  • Medications. You take regularly. medication must be taken under the supervision of a treating physician.
  • Weight Control. You should try to keep your weight within the right limits. Choose a healthy diet, including proper exercise. ENG.png

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