6 reasons, why your faces look so older ?

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03 Jan 2023

6 reasons, why your faces look so older ?

      The skin on a person's face deteriorates over time, but the daily habits of each person also contribute to premature aging. But, you don't worry. Because, we've compiled 6 reasons why the your face look like aging. So, everyone can be change their behavior in the new year.

      Forget applying sunscreen. UV rays in the sun are the culprit that causing skin to crumble.  The longer the day, Getting more wrinkles are accumulating, Dark spots, dark skin loss and many other skin problems. Before sun exposure or even indoors, you will be sure to apply sunscreen regularly.

  • Stress, when stressed or anxious that usually sends to facial expressions such as frowning, spoiled face, which causes wrinkles and wrinkles on the face, and stress also causes the body to secrete Cortisol which can be called aging at the cellular level.
  • Dry skin, when the skin is dry. The wrinkles often develop easily. So, if you don't want the skin to dry out during the day. You need to take frequent sips of water and maybe spray mineral water to help moisturize and refresh the your skin.
  • Drink alcohol and smoking. In addition to spoiling health. It can be also cause skin loss and wrinkles. Therefore, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • Lying on your side, The lying on your side or lying down often. In addition to affecting the airways and physical health, it also affects our skin. Therefore, trying to lie on your back is best.
  • Sweet Flavor. Because, the sugar in the dessert, in addition to causing weight gain, sugar also causes the skin to wilt. It's also very easy to see older faces. Therefore, it is best to avoid or refrain from dessert.ENG.png

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