How scary is the new strain of COVID XBB.1.5?

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18 Jan 2023

How scary is the new strain of COVID XBB.1.5?
      The new strain of COVID that is expected to spread in 2023 is XBB.1.5. Its ancestor is Omicron BA.2. It is a hybrid between two Omicron strains, BJ.1 and BM.1.1.1. This virus has a very rapid spread and is one of the most immune-dodgeable strains available. Today we have a difference of this species for everyone.

  • One of the most tightly attached to the cell surface of the ACE-2 protein of an infected person. It is the most infectious strain at present.
  • It has evolved a different mutant than XBB.1 in the spiny protein 1 position “F486P”. It is one of the most immune evading strains at present.
  • XBB.1.5 can avoid mixed immunity Caused by vaccination and natural infection 104 times better than the original strain (Wuhan), making it easier to reinfect.
  • There is no clinical data indicating that XBB.1.5 causes severe infection significantly differently from other omicron strains.

       XBB.1.5 spreads faster than all current strains of COVID, best avoiding immunity from both vaccination and natural infection. Spiny protein part It has the strongest adhesion to the infected cell surface. This makes it easy to spread into the cells, resistant to all kinds of ready-made immunosuppressive drugs that are used by many countries. which can be inhibited or destroyed by both pill and injectable antiviral drugs. At present, no drug-resistant strains have been found and can be screened well with ATK and PCR. Those who receive the booster vaccine can help reduce the chances of severity.

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