Exercising in the water strengthens the elderly.

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19 Jan 2023

Exercising in the water strengthens the elderly.     

      People of all genders and ages should exercise regularly in order to keep their bodies and minds strong and able to move muscles and joints in every part with full efficiency. But for older people who are prone to arthritis or other health problems, they may have more limited exercise options. Here is a way to exercise in water for the elderly for everyone.

  • Underwater leg raises.
      Underwater leg raises are water resistance exercises. Helps to strengthen the leg muscles in all parts of the elderly, especially the upper leg muscles, and also helps the hips to be more flexible.
  • Pushups with the pool wall

      Push-ups against the wall of the pool or aqua push-ups are exercises in the water that will help strengthen the muscles and strength in the arms, chest and shoulders of older adults without putting too much pressure on the joints.

  •  lifting dumbbells in the water

      Lifting dumbbells in the water is another water exercise that will help strengthen the upper body, especially the arms of the elderly. The must-have piece of equipment for this exercise is plastic water dumbbells, which are better suited to use in water than steel or metal dumbbells.

  • Swimming

      One of the water exercises that seniors will never forget is swimming as it not only promotes heart health. It also keeps the lungs and heart working smoothly, helping to build and strengthen muscles.


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