Can the motorcycle fall on its own, claim the Act?

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13 Dec 2022

Can the motorcycle fall on its own, claim the Act?
Accidents are something that everyone does not want to happen. Because, once there is an accident, there will be various events such as bodily injury, having to bear the cost of medical treatment  and damage to property, etc., until the question arises whether in case of a motorcycle fall. Can the Motorcycle Act be reimbursed ?

       Motorcycle Act It is to protect and guarantee to road accident victims that they will receive preliminary compensation even in case of self-inflicted car crash.  The car hit an obstacle, or the dog cuts off the front of the car and loses its footing. But, there is a caveat that the motorcycle in which the accident occurred must have a lawful Motorcycle Act and a valid Act.ENG2.png

The limit for compensation for incidents of self-falling vehicles or car crashes without parties.

 In case of injury

      Medical expenses can be reimbursed (actually paid), the maximum compensation limit for each person is not more than 30,000 baht.

In case of death, dismemberment or disability

      The maximum compensation limit is 35,000 baht per person, if both cases of damage (injury and death / permanent disability / dismemberment) can be disbursed up to 65,000 baht per person.ENG3.png

Documents to preparing

    In case of reimbursement of medical expenses

      1. Copy of ID card
      2.Original medical bill receipt

    In case of dismemberment or permanent disability
      1.Copy of ID card

      2.Medical certificate
      3.Disability Certificate
      4.A copy of the investigator's diary.

     In case of death
      1.Copy of id card of the deceased

      2.Death certificate
      3.Copy of the heir's id card by virtue 
      4.Copy of house registration of heirs by virtue
      5.A copy of the investigator's diary.


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