4 ways to keep "The intimate area" clean and odorless

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06 Dec 2022

4 ways to keep "The intimate area" clean and odorless

      Many girls have experienced the problem of hidden spots or intimate area, also known as "sisters," and not knowing how to properly clean up hidden spots. Ignoring the care of hidden spots leads to unpleasant odor problems. They have problem with dampness and sometimes itching. We have 4 ways to keep the "intimate area" clean and odorless.

  • The cleaning Inadequate cleaning or over-cleaning It can be the cause accumulation of bacteria. Mold can cause unpleasant odors in hidden spots. After you go to the bathroom every time, rinse with clean water and gently blot dry. Avoid using products that contain fragrances. Because, it can be cause irritation.
  • How to choose wearing pants Wearing tight, fit fashion pants can make it difficult to wick away sweat and moisture. This can be cause hidden spots to have an unpleasant smell. It is recommended to switch to cotton pants or comfort pants that not too tight.
  • Take care of menstrual periods. It is recommended to change sanitary napkins frequently or at least 3 times a day , morning, lunch, evening, and opt for clean, safe and standard sanitary napkins. You should not store sanitary napkins in a damp place, as this will easily cause mold.
  •  Investigation your abnormally For example, vaginal itching, abnormal vaginal discharge, genitals smell, vaginal discharge with a strange color, or when urinating and feeling pain like not urinating properly. It is better to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist to find out the cause. Without trying. "Catheterization" goes into the vagina for cleaning.

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