Are you using the right type of "oil" for cooking?

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27 Jun 2023

Are you using the right type of "oil" for cooking?

      Using cooking oil should take into consideration the appropriate heat for food preparation. Besides ensuring consistent taste, choosing the right oil for the type and method of cooking can benefit your health. Today, we have information on selecting the correct type of oil for cooking.

  • Soybean oil (Suitable for: stir-frying, baking) - Made from pure soybeans, it has a moderate level of unsaturated fats and performs well under heat.
  • Palm oil (Suitable for: frying) - Contains more saturated fats than other vegetable oils and can withstand high heat for an extended period.ENG2.png
  • Olive oil (Suitable for: salad dressings, lightly cooked dishes) - Popular in Europe and the West, this oil has a delicate aroma and is considered beneficial for health.
  • Rice bran oil (Suitable for: stir-frying, frying, baking) - Cleaner than regular oil, rice bran oil contains over 50% unsaturated fats and various antioxidant compounds.ENG3.png
  • Coconut oil (Suitable for: marinating, stir-frying, baking) - Versatile for various cooking methods, can be used raw or heated.
  • Pork oil (Suitable for: frying, stir-frying) - Contains a balance of saturated and unsaturated fats and can withstand high heat. Similar to palm oil, but pork oil has a distinct aroma when heated.ENG4.png

       It is advisable to choose cooking oil that is free from impurities, has a natural yellow color, and does not have a rancid smell. Most importantly, select an oil that suits the cooking method and consume in moderation. Avoid reusing frying oil or using deteriorated cooking oil as it can have negative effects on your health and increase the risk of cancer
Information source: CPRAM

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