Can "lip color" tell the disease?

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04 Jul 2023

Can "lip color" tell the disease?
      The lip border may seem insignificant, but besides being a facial feature, there have been interesting studies regarding the color of our lip border. It turns out that the color of our lip border can provide indications about our "health."

  • Pale lips: Often associated with digestive issues, anemia, low blood pressure, fertility problems, chronic cough, stomach pain, and malnutrition in children.
  • Greenish lips: Indicates deep-seated coldness, impaired blood circulation, and conditions like seizures in children.
  • Purple lips: Indicates impaired blood circulation, may be caused by depleted energy or blockages in the intestines.
  • Gray lips or lips that cannot cover the teeth (revealing the teeth) : Indicates depleted energy, and if accompanied by cool sweat, it signifies significant danger.
  • Dark red lips: Indicates excessive internal heat, particularly in the muscular or respiratory systems. If the lips are accompanied by a yellow complexion, dryness, and cracks, it indicates significant loss of body fluids.
  • Yellowish lips: Lips with peeling skin or swollen lip border indicate moist heat in the muscles and prolonged accumulation of stagnant food in the digestive system.

      After learning about these signs, it's important to pay attention to your own lip border. However, these are just preliminary observations of your own body. If you feel that your body is starting to show abnormalities, it is recommended to promptly consult a healthcare professional for a proper examination to determine the underlying causes and receive appropriate treatment.

Source: Village Doctor

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