7 ways to cope with depression after a 'long holiday'

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16 Apr 2023

7 ways to cope with depression after a 'long holiday'

      Who's excited for a long holiday during Songkran? But when returning to work, just thinking about the desk full of work makes me feel depressed and bored. Did you know that these symptoms are called “Depressed after a long holiday” so we have 7 ways to deal with these symptoms for everyone.

  1. Find work motivation: There are both positive and negative motivations, such as working for a promotion or working to pay off debt.
  2. Live in the moment: Make a clear list of daily tasks and slowly follow that list.
  3. Find work idols : The celebrity we admire, their way of working, their working attitude, or their style of work.
  4. Planning the next long weekend trip: If we have a clear goal to travel on the next long weekend. We are ready to hit every task successfully.
  5. Find activities you like to do after work: Doing activities that help your body and the mind is happy after work
  6. Maintain Work Life Balance: Clearly dividing time and activities during work and rest.
  7.  If the fire runs out, fix it urgently: Find the cause of burnout syndrome and fix it to the right point.

      f after a long time, weeks or months, these symptoms still persist until you feel like leaving work. You may need to consult with a psychiatrist to determine whether you are depressed or not


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