After 'rhinoplasty', can I have a Songkran water fight?

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09 Apr 2023

After 'rhinoplasty', can I have a Songkran water fight?  

      During Songkran, with hot weather like this, many people would like to go out and play in the water to cool off. Especially those who have rhinoplasty, but many people have doubts about whether they can have a Songkran water fight after 'rhinoplasty' or not? Is there anything to watch out for? Today we have information for everyone.

  • The best way is to have a Songkran water fight after 1 month of rhinoplasty, but you should still be careful of being splashed with unclean water as it may cause the wound to become infected.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, fermented food, undercooked food. This reduces the risk of germs and other contaminants that can cause rhinitis.
  • Avoid severe impact. If you want to have a Songkran water fight, besides having to be careful with unclean water, you also have to be careful about splashing water or rubbing the powder too hard until it hits your nose because it can cause nose problems.

      Who just had rhinoplasty? The Ratchasima Hospital recommends that you should not have Songkran water fight within 30 days, after which you can play normally but must be careful of severe impact. Avoid playing in unclean water and should abstain from alcoholic beverages for 45 days after rhinoplasty. To maintain a beautiful nose, prevent problems and injuries that will follow.


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