Mother asks to share how to cope? When your child has their first menstruation

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20 Apr 2023

Mother asks to share how to cope? When your child has their first menstruation

      Don't let your daughter feel that menstruation is a "taboo" topic that shouldn't be discussed because the signs of puberty are nothing to be embarrassed about, but the sooner the better. Your child will not believe or misunderstand anything, so you should prepare your child before they grow up to be women.

What is the menstruation

      Menstruation is the blood that flows from the vagina every month when entering puberty. Most of them have menstruation since the age of 12. Menstruation is one of the important steps in your child's growth.

Physical development before menstruation

  • Have breasts: Breasts will grow 2-3 years before menstruation.
  • Hairy genitals: Hairy hair begins 1-2 years before menstruation.
  • Some women have vaginal discharge or brown stains on the

Warning signs when your baby is having their first period

      Normally, your child will have their first menstrual period when they enter puberty. Most often it is around the age of 12, but some people may come later or earlier depending on their individual health conditions. The warning signs of a child's first period are as follows.

  • Diarrhea, flatulence, and abdominal cramps in the lower abdomen
  • Mood swings
  • Body aches
  • Tired
  • Pain in the chest and breast when touched
  • Increased appetite, hunger more often

How to cope when your baby is having their first period

  • Discuss how to cope, including various symptoms, answering questions that children do not understand honestly. Because the first menstruation inevitably have different symptoms or bodies from the original
  • Teach how to know sanitary napkins and teach them how to put it on properly.
  • Understand sex because menstruation indicates that you are ready to have children. Therefore, mothers should be taught to understand. and openly talk a lot including self defense about self-love
  • Taking notes is important to be able to know menstrual irregularities or the body, such as taking note of the distance of the menstrual cycle.

Things to prepare for when you have your period

  • Sanitary napkins are disposable menstrual pads. There are 2 types of disposable sanitary napkins: external sanitary napkins and tampons. When you have your first period, use an external sanitary napkin for convenience.
  • Hot water bag to use to compress the heat on the stomach when having stomach pains during menstruation.
  • NSAIDs or pain relievers

      Your first menstrual period, how do you cope with it? Any mother who has a good technique can share it in the comments. If the child does not have menstruation despite the age of 15 and over should be taken to see a doctor to determine the cause of the abnormality that occurs.


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