About Us


Having achieved accreditation in multiple aspects, including health care services and quality, patients can rest assured of our continued commitment to providing the best possible service and maximizing patient satisfaction.

More specifically, Ratchasima Hospital has been awarded the Certification of Good Governance in respect of management and fairness and transparency in pricing. Likewise, Ratchasima Hospital has received the Hospital Accreditation (HA) and the Laboratory Accreditation for compliance with the 2021 Medical Technology Standard.
  • 2009: Received Level 1 Hospital Accreditation (HA)
  • 2010: Received Level 2 Hospital Accreditation (HA)
  • 2018: Received Laboratory Accreditation (LA)
  • 2018: Has maintained Level 2 Hospital Accreditation (HA) until present
These accreditations demonstrate our commitment to service excellence and high-quality health care. Patients can repose trust and confidence in our treatment, health promotion, rehabilitation, and disease prevention services offered by departments across Ratchasima Hospital.
We have adopted a systematic approach in our operating procedures and continuously adhered to Level 2 Hospital Accreditation (HA) standards,
which serve as a foundation for improvement of health care quality and patient safety. We further strive to continuously improve our operations and ultimately build healthy and sustainable communities in Nakhon Ratchasima and neighboring areas.