VIP special rooms consist of amenities. Both the patient and relatives, whether it is a set for the patient, electrical appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils in the room There is an en suite bathroom, divided into patients' rooms and relatives' rooms. There is a nurse to take care of you 24 hours a day.

Price VIP Deluxe Room

    Room rate


    1.ห้องพิเศษ VIP-4
    1.ห้องพิเศษ VIP-9
    1.ห้องพิเศษ VIP-11
    1.ห้องพิเศษ VIP-12
    1.ห้องพิเศษ VIP-10

    Additional services:

    1. Set Admit : handkerchief, tissue, comb, powder, liquid soap, shampoo, cotton buds, toothbrush and toothpaste.
    2. Set Morning : coffee, ovaltine and drinking water.
    3. 3 main meals, 1 snack food  bath the patient and relatives provided by a nutritionist in order to obtain nutrients and proper calories.
    1. Extra bed will be subject to an additional charge of 50% of the room rate.
    2. Insured patients are eligible for a discount based on the allowed benefit (at least 50% discount off the room rate).
    3. These prices do not include nursing services and meals.
    4. Terms and conditions shall be as specified by the hospital.


    2 patient gowns

    Drinking water



    Water heater


    Electric bed


    Private bathroom

    Free Wi-Fi


    Garden terrace

    Guest room + 1 bathroom


    Bathroom amenities