What should know before Cataract Surgery

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17 Nov 2022

What should know before Cataract Surgery

      Cataracts are diseases caused by the degeneration of the body. It’s common in the elderly. When the doctor has detected a cataract. Patients can be choose the time to perform surgical treatment.  It’s must be consider the severity of symptoms, physical condition and convenient timing for rest for postoperative recovering.
How to treat cataracts

  •  Cataract dissolution with a cataract breakdown machine  is the most popular method today. It takes about 30 minutes without hospitalization. It’s doesn’t anesthesia required.
  • The wide-wound open cataract surgery method is a traditional surgical method used in the cataract is ripe and very hard. There is not suitable for machine breakdown.

Types of artificial glass lense
  •  Monofocal IOL is a single-stage far-sighted artificial lens capable of correcting myopia, farsightedness that existed before surgery, which is a very popular artificial eye lens used in general hospitals in Thailand.
  • Toric IOL is an artificial lens that corrects astigmatism.
  • Multifocal IOL is a multi-phased artificial lens, that is commonly used in foreign countries and private hospitals in Thailand.

Complications of artificial lens replacement surgery
  •  Cataract dissection is a highly safe operation with few side effects. The possible complications include bleeding in the eyeball and eye socket from anesthesia. The cornea is clouded by unhealthy eye cells. The retinal infections are peeling, eye pain, glare, and sliding of the artificial lens of the eye.
  • Postoperative vision also depends on the condition of the patient's retina, in some cases additional treatment or surgery, including laser firing to aid vision.
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