Westerner team Vs Korean team, which team are you on?

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29 Mar 2023

Westerner team Vs Korean team, which team are you on?

      Rhinoplasty has to choose a nose shape to suit yourself. There are many nose shapes for us to choose according to needs or styles. Which team are you on today, the Westerner team or the Korean team? Today, there is information from both teams for everyone.

The Westerner team

      The nose shape is a shape that makes the overall image of the fierce face. Emphasizes the height and sharpness of the nose bridge. According to the Western nose shape, some people may call it the Arab nose shape, the Turkish nose shape because it makes the owner of the face look more fierce. This shape is suitable for people who already have a good nose base but want to increase the height of the bridge of the nose and raise the nose tip a little higher
Who is the nose shape suitable for?

  •  People with self-confident personality, smart, sexy
  • People with thick nose (Not suitable for people with thin nose)
  • People with the original nose structure base or the renown is already at a certain level
  •  If it's a small case may make it more prominent, but not much and to support the tip of the nose with cartilage behind the ear or artificial tissue for the chance to risk the nose through

The Korean team

      Korean nose shape is a shape with a rounded tip. Helps to make the face look younger, sweeter, with a soft, slender nose bridge, but not too prominent. The nose is sloping and the tip of the nose is slightly hooked and upturned, which is suitable for Thai and Asian face shapes.
Who is the nose shape suitable for?

  • People with a sweet personality because they will make the face look gentle, soft, sweet face.
  •  People with thin nose
  •  People who like natural faces
  •  People who like small, cute, cute, clear noses

How to choose a nose shape to suit your face?

      When rhinoplasty, the main goal is to be beautiful and balanced with the face, for example:

  • Does your nose shape match your forehead? For example, a person with a flat forehead may not be suitable for a high nose because it will look deceptive to the face.
  •  The nose shape should be compatible with the wide facial structure, for example, people with large cheekbones should not have silicone implants in the middle of the nose that are very high.
  •  The shape of the nose should correspond to the length of the face, such as the hairline - the bridge of the nose / the bridge of the nose - the tip of the nose / the tip of the nose - the chin are 3 parts that should have a balanced length.

      Can everyone choose a team yet? If you are still not sure which style suits us better. You can consult a doctor at Ratchasima Hospital for the doctor to help assess the shape of the nose first. I'm sure the doctor will recommend the best for you.


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