Unexpected dangers related to heavy metals in the body.

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05 May 2022

Unexpected dangers related to heavy metals in the body.
      Did you know? Cosmetics that we use every day, food, smoke and medicine. There may be contamination of toxins or heavy metals that enter our body.  

      If the body accumulates too much heavy metals. It will make the body tired, headache, dull face and dry skin. If left for a long time will affect the functioning of cells and organs of the body. There is a risk of developing various serious chronic diseases. 

      The body normally removes heavy metals on its own, but it takes a long time. Therefore, a doctor should be consulted for an analysis of the amount of metal in the blood for treatment by taking medication along with injecting heavy metals into the body to detoxify 

      We can protect ourselves from living. Everyday we have to be in close contact with various contaminants that are around us. Therefore, we need to know where heavy metals enter the body from.

  •  Skin. 
  •  Eating.
  •  Breathing.
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Heavy metals can be deposited on the skin from the following:

Heavy metals that may be contaminated with food, such as
      Canned food.
      Drinking water contaminated with waste.


Heavy metals entering the body through the respiratory system such as
      Cigarette smoke.
      Car exhaust.


      If you want to enhance good health Prevents an increase in heavy metals in the body. You can consult a doctor and get a heavy metal analysis at Ratchasima Hospital

      We are happy to provide quality healthcare services to everyone. With love and care from Ratchasima Hospital

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