Should I get a massage after breast augmentation?

Health News

02 May 2023

“Should I get a massage after breast augmentation?”

      Should I get a massage after breast augmentation?” is a question everyone who decides to have breast augmentation must ask. Everyone wants to have beautiful breasts that are well-shaped, soft and natural. Here is a reason to massage the breasts after surgery for everyone.

 Helps slow down fascia

  •  Helps prevent shrinkage of silicone
  • Helps to make breasts look natural.
  • Helps make the breasts expand more
  • Helps prevent the silicone from becoming streaks or wrinkles around the chest.

      Breast massage is necessary if you don't want your breasts to be blocked or there is an uneven distorted silicone problem. Massaging your breasts is easy and doesn't take long. It is best to massage the breasts 2-3 times a day, especially in the early stages after the stitches are removed. If done continuously, it will help slow down the formation of fibrosis..


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