Nasal irrigation' benefits more than you think

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30 Apr 2023

Nasal irrigation' benefits more than you think
      Nasal irrigation' is a cleansing of the nasal cavity and sinuses by rinsing out mucus, pus, dirt from the nasal cavity or sinuses caused by inflammation with salt water to clear the nasal cavity or sinuses. Today we have the benefits of 'cleaning the nose' for everyone.

  • Helps relieve chronic cold symptoms, nasal congestion or nasal irritation.
  • Cleanses dirt and germs from the nose. Clears thick mucus to help clean nasal passages.
  • Cleanse the hard scabs of the nasal mucosa after nose and sinus surgery.
  • Prevent the spread of germs from the nose and sinus to the lungs.
  • Rinsing your nose before using the nasal spray will help the nasal spray to be more effective.
  • Helps increase the function of the temple hairs in the nose, which acts as a reverb to eliminate foreign objects in the nasal cavity.

      Nasal irrigation can be done for normal people but want to clean the nasal cavity and patients with infectious rhinitis, sinusitis patients, including patients with allergic rhinitis or airborne allergies. , rhinitis or those who have had nose surgery and those who have received nasal or sinus irradiation


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