If you do not want to lose confidence because 'Dark spots on the body' how to take care of it to fade away.

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19 May 2022

If you do not want to lose confidence because 'Dark spots>      Dark spots>      In this post, Ratchasima Hospital will take everyone to know the causes of dark circles and how to reduce them so that they can show their beautiful skin again.

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  • Scruff.
          Caused by scurf, sunlight produces more melanin pigment and can also occur from hormonal disorders in people with type 2 diabetes who are obese because high insulin levels stimulate skin cells called acanthosis nigricans.
  • Armpit.
          Caused by frequent intense hair removal, such as plucking, shaving, causing the skin to produce more pigment, including irritation from allergic reactions to deodorant.
  • Groin.
          Wearing very tight pants and being overweight puts the legs together from the friction of the flesh.
  • Knee.
          Long periods of kneeling, such as doing housework, cause pressure and friction.
  • Astragalus.
          It is caused by sitting cross-legged or sitting on a hard floor without a cushion. And wearing tight shoes when walking or running for long periods of time increases the friction between the skin.


How to reduce dark spots ?

  • Avoid exposure
          Avoid exposure to sunlight because sunlight stimulates the pigment or melanin under the skin layer to malfunction. For outdoor skin, wear sunscreen with SPF 40-50 or higher.
  •  Do not scratch when the skin
          Do not scratch when the skin is irritated, itchy blisters or prickly heat, as this will cause the skin to become inflamed and cause black marks.
  • Scrub twice a week
          Scrub twice a week to exfoliate dead skin cells with tamarind, turmeric, etc. You should not scrub too hard as it may cause skin inflammation.
  • Apply a whitening cream
          Apply a whitening cream that contains ingredients that reduce melanin production, such as vitamin C, vitamin B3, thiamidol, Kojic acid, Tranexamic acid, Alpha-arbutin and 4-butylresorcinol.
  •  Laser treatment
          Laser treatment to make the pigment fade, should consult and treat with a medical professional to adjust the laser value that is suitable for each person.


      Admin believes that everyone want to have healthy skin. Therefore, you should consult a doctor to help alleviate your concerns and treat your skin to be beautiful and confident.

With love and care from Ratchasima Hospital.

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