How important is a Annual Check up?

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23 May 2022
How important is a Annual Check up?
      Many people would ask the question, If we don't have any illnesses, why do we even need a Check up? annual health check up is to check the organs and other body systems to see if they are still performing well or have any abnormalities? To reduce the risk that may develop into various serious diseases, if we can detect it early, it may be able to treat it in a timely manner. Therefore, a health check is important and there are also various factors as follows:
  • Current environment, dust pollution, PM 2.5, toxic smoke from exhaust pipes. Chemical and carcinogenic residues in fruits and vegetables.
  • Emerging epidemics in the modern era, such as the new flu, COVID-19.
  • Hereditary diseases.
  • Older age increases the risk of certain diseases such as diabetes,high blood pressure and heart disease.
  • Behaviors that change over time, such as less exercise, more unhealthy diets and more stress.

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