How to cook rice to be healthy?

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06 Jun 2022
How to cook rice to be healthy?
      The staple food of Thai people is "rice", but white rice can be a deterrent for those who are losing weight. Here is how to cook rice to be healthy.
  • Cook brown rice instead of white rice
    Brown rice has a lower glycemic index than white rice. Therefore, in the same amount of rice, brown rice has less sugar. In addition, brown rice is also high in fiber, eating and filling the stomach quickly as well.
  • Cook rice mixed with beans
    Mixing beans into the rice and cooking them together when scooping them up will give you more protein. In addition to protein, beans also contain healthy fats and dietary fibers that help the digestive system to function normally.
  • Cook rice with quinoa
    Quinoa is a healthy superfood. In addition to adding protein to our rice, it also contains a lot of fiber, and the quinoa is small and doesn't have much flavor, so we can mix it with rice without losing much of the flavor of the rice.
  • Cook the rice and put it in the refrigerator
    Reheated rice has more resistant starch, improves insulin sensitivity, lowers blood sugar levels, reduces appetite and has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and lowers the glycemic index.

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