Five tips for using the cannabis to safety

Health News

06 Jul 2022
Five tips for using the cannabis to safety.
      Today, All parts of cannabis, including "inflorescences high in THC," are not regulated as addictive substances in Thailand. But the THC has found in "cannabis inflorescences",that still has an addictive effect. The THC Increases the risk of developing psychotropic diseases and has health effects on various systems. Today we have 5 tips on how to use cannabis safety for everyone.
  • The patients with underlying medical conditions. They should be consult a doctor before start to using and study the factor of risks.
  • Early start-up should be started in low doses.
  • Downgrade medications. When there is dizziness, loss of balance, Bradycardia and abnormal pressure.
  • Stop using it immediately. When there is confusion, restlessness, anxiety and hallucinations.
  • Watch out for using. Especially for children and the elderly. Because their body had responsible too easily with Cannabis.
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