False or Truth ? The beer causing a beer belly

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08 Jul 2022

False or Truth ? The beer causing a beer belly ?
      Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from cereals like wheat. It is fermented with yeast and added hops for the bitterness. Which helps to cut out the sweet taste that comes from the sugar in the grains. Drinking large amounts of beer or drinking regularly can lead to increasing in body fat content. That is causing it to accumulate in different parts, especially around the waist. Which can lead to become obese without even realizing.

  • Beer has high calories
    Beer may be as high-calorie as soft drinks. The research has found that drinking alcohol can cause an appetite. Even for a short period of time, it can cause drinkers to eat more food.
  • Beer disrupts the fat burning
    The process of decomposing alcohol produces waste products called acetate and acetaldehyde. When the brain detects these two substances, the body signals to stop burning the fat. That has accumulated in them. At the same time, the body has orders to convert the waste digested from the ingested alcohol into fat.
  • Beer contains phytoestrogens
    Phytoestrogens are substances that are created by plants. They had properties similar to the female hormone estrogen. who a guy drinks beer may be experiencing hormonal variability. This is one of the factors that may increase the risk of developing fat around the waist.
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