Checklist what level of trigger finger you have !

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10 May 2022

Checklist what level of trigger finger you have
      Have you ever had a trigger finger? unable to bend or stretch fingers These symptoms are normal and can occur. Especially nowadays in the lifestyle of people who use smartphones. Work that requires typing keyboards, using a mouse, or people who have to work in a way that strains their fingers for a long time, such as dentists, barbers, cooks, artists, etc.

      Trigger finger are caused by the force of bending the fingers or clenching the fingers very tightly, causing inflammation of the membranes of the flexor tendons in the palm of the hand. or thickening the tendon sheath around the base of the finger When you clench your fists or stretch your fingers, it feels like they're locked.

Read good information>4 levels of "trigger finger" symptoms. Check it out. What level are you
      Level 1 : Pain at the base of the finger.
      Level 2 : Stumbles when clenching or stretching fingers.
      Level 3 : Handful of locks and a lock must be used to help out.
      Level 4 : Not fully clenched, fingers deformed.


5 exercises to manage finger locks
      To exercise, stretch the hand muscles can follow the picture together.


How to reduce the risk of finger locks?

  • Avoid using your wrist for a long time. You should rest your hands periodically.
  • Do not move your finger or flick your finger. Because it will make the tendon inflamed even more.
  • Soak your hands in warm water in the morning for 5-10 minutes to help relieve the symptoms to alleviate.
  • Do not carry things that are too heavy.

      There are different degrees of severity of trigger finger. Therefore, it should not be neglected until chronic because if the tendon sheath is damaged, it can cause severe symptoms to the point of requiring surgery.     
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