Acute diarrhea is life threatening

Health News

31 Aug 2023

Acute diarrhea is life threatening
      Acute diarrhea is when the stool becomes loose, watery, or may even appear mucus-like. This abnormal bowel movement pattern can occur continuously and might be accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain or nausea. The abdominal pain can be crampy and intermittent, or there might be a feeling of bloating. This condition often arises due to the body being exposed to infectious agents, which could be bacterial or viral, that contaminate food and drinks. Today, we have 'associated symptoms' with diarrhea that require urgent medical attention.


  • High fever exceeding 38 degrees Celsius
  • Stool appears mucus-like, bloody, or has an abnormal odor
  • Profound fatigue and weakness
  • Severe vomiting multiple times
  • Passing bowel movements more than 10 times a day

        Acute diarrhea is commonly found in individuals over 65 years of age. It might have a higher mortality rate and a greater likelihood of complications compared to younger patients. This is because elderly patients often have other chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease, and kidney disease. Patients in this group are at a higher risk of electrolyte imbalances due to their pre-existing conditions, which can occur more frequently than in the general population.

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