A collection of reasons for people who want to "look better"


28 May 2024

A collection of reasons for people who want to "look better"

      Cosmetic surgery plays a significant role in our daily lives. Despite Thailand's increasingly open-minded society and positive attitudes towards cosmetic procedures, many still wonder, "Why undergo surgery?" Even though it can be costly and sometimes unsatisfactory, many are willing to take the risk due to personal reasons. Today, we've gathered 5 reasons why people opt for cosmetic surgery:

  • Bullying and Confidence Issues : Wanting to boost self-confidence is common. Often, individuals wish to avoid teasing and taunting from peers regarding their appearance.
  • Makeup Struggles : Many aspire to have double eyelids or achieve a Korean-style look. This desire often stems from difficulties in applying makeup, especially eyeliner, to create a desired appearance. 
  • Anti-Aging : Visible signs of aging can lead to insecurity. Some choose surgery to diminish wrinkles and regain a youthful appearance, effectively delaying the aging process.
  • Pleasing Loved Ones : Some undergo surgery to make their loved ones happy. This may involve enhancing certain features, like breast augmentation, to satisfy a partner or to feel proud when going out together.
  • Celebrity Inspiration : Seeing celebrities or social media influencers with attractive facial features can motivate individuals to undergo surgery, hoping to resemble their idols. However, this may not always be a positive influence.

      Confidence is often the starting point for many reasons. Cosmetic surgery allows individuals to transform themselves, shedding insecurities and stepping into a new, confident version of themselves, tailored to their desires and opening up new opportunities in life.



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